Down By the River

During our recent trip to Alaska, we decided to live up our (my) life long dream of living in a van down by the river. I’m only slightly kidding and yes, I would love to do motivational speaking.

What we needed

We rented a 9′ UHAUL van (Keith will lend more details to this exact van in another post). Rented some equipment, and hit the roads around the Kenai Peninsula.


We limited our gear a lot since we flew, so we could only take what we could pack in our checked bags. This included easily layer-able clothing, waders and waterproof gear, only the fishing poles we NEEDED, and some water bottles. Oh, and we brought a hammock! Everything else we rented when we got there.

– Waders and boots
– The usual Clothes, insulated layers, good hiking shoes.
– Rods, reels, and flies
– Backpacking stove
– 1 pan/pot combo
– Percolator (for that good, good coffee!)
– Hammock!
– Collapsible pillow

– Cargo Van (these don’t fit in carry on luggage, donchaknow)
– Air mattress with sleeping bag
– Cooler (YETI)
– Portable fan

– Food
– Extra Water
– Some new flies (try and stop us!)
– Cooking foil

How we made it work

We were able to lay out an air mattress on the floor of the cargo area of the van. This was a queen size mattress and fit really well. Our heads were by the rear of the vehicle, backpacks were at our feet, and the cooler, food, and gear bags were immediately inside the rear doors above our heads. We had a side door to the cargo area that was incredibly useful for getting in and out during the night, or sitting down to get waders and boots on.



It went SO WELL! We were comfortable, though we needed some extra layers at night, had what we needed, and had a great time! Overall we were right on budget (another thing Keith and I will write more on later), and we saw everything we wanted to. But that’s another post.

I’m excited to share more about this with you soon!



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